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We love all animals so much!!

I used to live with a dog, cats, hamsters, and ferrets. I have a rabbit Hol chan in my house. My family loves pets so much! In the case of Homestay, three adults loves your pet like a baby. When I go to your home, I will charge the train fare separately. I can look after cats and dogs. I'm qualified as a dog care manager. Please give me a mail firstly and check my instagram. ID is yoshimimizokami. Thanks !!

連絡は常にHappyWanNyanを通して行いましょう お支払をお守りするためにも、HappyWanNyanのサイトやアプリ以外の場所では決して送金や連絡を行わないようご注意ください。


  • 介護が必要なシニアペットの対応
  • お散歩時にリードを強く引っ張るペットの対応


わんちゃん :



ねこちゃん :





その他のペット :




Hol (ホル・うさぎ)

Hol (ホル・うさぎ)


  • シニアのペットにも優しい環境です(段差なし、床が滑りにくい)
  • ペットはエアコンのある部屋に行き来できる
  • ペットはソファーや室内を自由に行き来できる
  • 禁煙家




¥ 3000



¥ 3000



¥ 3000



¥ 3000



¥ 3500



¥ 5000


お客様のご自宅で、わんちゃんねこちゃん以外のペットのお世話をします。 最短30分からご利用いただけます。 ご飯をあげたり、お部屋のクリーニング、基本的なお世話をします。

¥ 3000


お客様のご自宅でネコちゃんのお世話をします。 最短30分からご利用いただけます。 ご飯をあげたり、お部屋のクリーニング、基本的なお世話をします。

¥ 3500


お客様のご自宅でわんちゃんのお世話をします。 最短30分からご利用いただけます。 ご飯をあげたり、お部屋のクリーニング、基本的なお世話をします。

¥ 3500




This is the third time Yoshimi took care of Pete while I was away. At this point, Pete and Yoshimi are good friends. Yoshimi knows all of Pete's "peculiarities" and makes him feel at home. It is cleat from Pete's behavior in the videos she sent that he is very comfortable with her. I could not be happier, it is really reassuring that while away on a trip, Pete is so at ease at home with a new great friend! Cannot praise Yoshimi for her talent and kindness enough!


Yoshimi is an incredible pet sitter! She is not just taking care of your beloved pets, she is really a wonder woman, taking care of your house, loving your fluffy one and providing you updates all the time. She took care of my 4 years old cat Ray, who has asthma. She was coming always on time at home, staying with him for a long time and playing with him, giving him asthma spray, food and cleaning his toilet. We traveled with my partner and every day I would receive many photos, videos and constant communication from Yoshimi san. I have never felt more relaxed about my cat, because she was always showing me what they have been doing, how is he and what did he eat. I felt she is taking care of my cat even better than I do


Best experience ever! Yoshimi is a very sweet person and she was great, together with her husband and son, to take care of our Sophie! She sent us a lot of pictures everyday, and Sophie always looked very relaxed. They have Hol


Yoshimi took care of my cat Pete on another trip, quickly following the first. As before, I would get detailed updates from her in messages, photos and videos. My cat appears to have developed a real friendship with Yoshimi. She would not only take care of "necessities" but spend some real time with him. She would play and treat him to the things he likes to do and most importantly spend some real time with real attention. On return, my cat is far less frustrated than I have seen him after returning from a previous trip. Especially since this is after two one week trips in short succession. Yoshimi seems the perfect cat sitter to me!


Yoshimi-san is all you can hope for in a cat sitter. She did far more than just feed and clean when she took care of my elderly cat Pete. She devoted some real attention to my cat at each visit; playing, petting etc. She provided detailed photo updates which made me feel very secure that things were going fine at home. And from the photos it is very clear that Pete really bonded with her. I could not be more positive about Yoshimi-san, truly delighted!


よしみさんは、素敵なペットシッターと思います!毎日写真を送っていて、それとも私たちのネコちゃんが自分の家族みたいに勝っていました。本当に感謝したいです。ジェローちゃんが帰りたくなかったです! Yoshimi-san is an amazin pet sitter! She treated Jello like family and took care to socialize her with her bunny, Holl. I would really like to thank her for her amazing care she provided. Jello (our cat) didn't want to go home!


Once again Mama Yoshimi provided great care for Molly during our recent holiday. Molly has a very happy time staying with her family and Mama Yoshimi provided frequent updates of what Molly was doing. I would strongly recommend Mama Yoshimi to anyone who wants a good care of their pets.


It is the 6th time with Ms Yoshimi and her family in 3 years. Every time I know Molly is in good hand, and this time is not difference. She and her family looked after Molly very well. But I found out a litter trouble this time because Molly doesn't want to go home! LOL


We cannot recommend Yoshimi enough. When we met her we knew she was very good with animals by how quickly she bonded with our cat. What we didn't know is that she would go above and beyond in her services making sure our cat had plenty of companionship and play time, was well fed, had a clean liter box, and even walked! She corresponded with us everyday that we were away and sent videos and pictures of our very happy cat. The reassurance that our cat was happy (and perhaps in love!) was a great bonus. She is by far our favorite cat sitter of all time!


Yoshimi and her family took excellent care of my cat during my 20 day absence. She sent me pictures and videos every day and I could see that he was really happy and was having a great time. He was able to make friends with the family's pet Hol as well as another visiting Sphynx cat like him. He returned to me healthy and happy which was my main reason for choosing Yoshimi and her family. I won't hesitate to leave him in their care next time I take a trip and I highly recommend this host family for your pets. Yoshimi, thank you so much for taking such good care of my little boy and thank you for the lovely pictures and videos! I hope to see you again soon.


Yoshimi-san did an amazing job taking care of my beloved Sabu-chan while I was traveling for work. I received photos and videos every day. She was returned to me happy and healthy! She is looking forward to staying with Yoshimi-san again and playing with her rabbit Hol!


Yoshimi was excellent with our Staffordshire Bull Terrier! We had her homestay while we went on short overnight trip. Our dog loved her! She took him on a lot of walks and sent picture updates. Great communication prior to and through the booking. She will always be our first choice


Molly had a lovely time with Ms Yoshimi and her family. They treated Molly like their own, we are happy for Molly to go back during our next trip. See you very soon.

Ying Jun

We travelled to Japan from Amsterdam for 2 weeks with our 17 year old dog Russell, and needed someone to care for him during the day. Yoshimi took great effort in ensuring Russell was comfortable, and that all his special needs were met (toilet every 2hours, strict meal times, etc). She was patient, kind and loved on him like a baby. We had so many photos and videos sent to us and we really appreciated that. Thank you so much again Yoshimi for everything. We hope that you’d be able to take care of Russell again if we do come back to Japan.


Ms Yoshimi was an excellent care taker for Molly during our recent vacation. She and her family look after Molly with great attention and love. Everyday she would take Molly out for walking or other activities such as seeing doggie friends, and regularly kept me updated with photos and messages. I will recommend Ms Yoshimi to everyone.


It’s the third time Molly stayed with Ms Yoshimi and her family in one year. It seems Molly had a great holiday too! I can see she looks extremely happy from the pictures those sent by Ms Yoshimi everyday. So I can plan my home trip and Molly will go back in November again.


ミニチュアブルテリアのデイケアをお願いしました。 最初から警戒することなくとてもよくなついて、嬉しそうでした! やんちゃな女の子ですがとても可愛がってくださり、写真も送っていただき、本当に安心して預かっていただけました。


Yoshimi did a great job taking care of my four cats, including a kitten we had gotten in March. She took special interest and spent a lot of extra time bonding and playing with them which was my biggest concern/need since I had to go away on an extended trip and the cats are used to a lot of company. Would highly recommend Yoshimi!




Our dog Molly stayed with Ms Yoshimi and her family in March for 11 days. This is the second time Molly has stayed there: we didn't worry about her as she had a great time during her homestay last September. Ms Yoshimi sent me photos day and night - I can see Molly has a very happy time from all those pictures. Ms Yoshimi also keeps a logbook to record Molly’s daily routine, including eating and toilet habits. We highly recommend Ms Yoshimi to take care of your pets. Her love and patience are priceless to Molly, we are lucky to have her take such good care !


今回は3週間と長い期間でしたので少し不安でしたが、毎日こまめに連絡も下さりとっても安心して外出することができました(^^) なによりもうちの猫さんが毎日楽しそうに遊んでいたようでお迎えに行ったら帰りたくないと粘って床に張り付いていて本当楽しかったようで良かったです!素敵なファミリーでまた機会がありましたら是非お願いしたいです(^^) ありがとうございました^ - ^


Our dog Molly, a five year old Shih Tzu, had a homestay with Ms Yoshimi and her family for two weeks when we traveled abroad. Ms Yoshimi created a logbook to write down the daily schedule for Molly and sent us lots of pictures and videos every day so we could see how she was doing. She is very responsible, careful, patient and had a good heart. We can see Molly enjoyed her time very much and was happy to stay with the family. We would highly recommend Ms Yoshimi to look after your pets.


トイプードルのお散歩代行をお願いしました。 カウンセリング時から大変よく可愛がってくださり、気持ちよくお腹をなでなでしてもらってすっかり仲良しに。。 夏場のワンちゃんの体調もこまめに気にかけてくださってとても良くしていただきました。 本当にどうもありがとうございます