From summer to fall...

Summer is coming to an end and whether you are going back to school or work, you need to ease your dog into the new routine of fall. 

Your dog will go from spending the entire day with you or your children to being alone most of the time. 


We found a great article by Petful which outlines 4 steps to take to help your dog make the transition. 

1. Practice the new routine before school/work starts. 

- Start waking up at the time you would be waking up for your new schedule

"Mimicking your back-to-school routine early allows your dog to gradually adjust to the change instead of making the switch cold turkey. "

2. Plan extra exercise in the mornings and evenings. 

-Your dogs will be spending the whole day inside! Prevent destruction by letting them get out their energy elsewhere. 

3. Stay calm when you leave and return. 

-Usually, if you tend to give them lots of affection only when you are leaving the house your dog can sense this and develop anxiety because of it. Be calm when you leave and come home. 

4. Lastly, keep your dog mentally stimulated through the day. 

-give them a puzzle treat to keep them occupied for hours.

Or even better, hire a HappyWanNyan pet sitter or dog walker to visit them during the day. The extra human interaction will make your dog feel 100x better! 

Check out for more helpful dog tips!


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