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Cheng Fwa has established a comprehensive quality and environmentally-friendly management system to achieve sustainable operation.
Based on product characteristics and laws and regulations, our Quality Policy is:『Recognized Quality, Customer Confidences, Employee Security』. HSF Policy is: 『Compliance to Laws, Green Process, Customer Satisfaction』.

trang cá cược xổ số Liên kết đăng nhập
To ensure the product quality meets the requirements of customer demands, government laws and regulations without compromising the ideal of protecting the Earth, Cheng Fwa has established strict quality-control measures at each stage of production process. From the moment customers come to us with their product concepts, to hard tooling and pilot run, our Quality Assurance Department conducts quality control and first article inspection to ensure we meet the customer specification and requirements!
In terms of mass production, our QA department performs a series of quality control. Include: incoming quality control for raw materials. And from stamping to coating, we will do in-process quality control to ensure the quality meets customers’ spec. requirements during production process. Last but not least, we will perform outgoing quality control before shipping the products to customers. As you can see, Cheng Fwa performs a series of quality control in all stages to ensure the best quality of our products for our customers while demonstrating our social responsibility in respect of environmentally-friendly concepts.
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