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Product Name : Design & Engineering
Product Introduction
“Whether you have your own concept or need to develop a new one, we will work with you to achieve a cost-effective product.”
Whether you have your own concept or need to develop a solution, we will work with you to optimize your design to develop an efficient, cost-effective product. During the development process, we maintain close communications with you to ensure that design intent is maintained while making manufacturability adjustments. When IP is created and finalized, we easily transfer ownership and legacy knowledge as needed. At Cheng Fwa, we can provide critical, relevant insight during development regarding feasibility, cost, and availability. We can provide flexible solutions during the process due to our knowledge and experience in all aspects of OEM/ODM/JDM approaches and diverse partnerships with other manufacturers in several supply chains. When development is complete, all the pieces fall into place with fully approved components filling the pipeline ready for production. Choosing us as a partner for your NPI needs will guarantee you complete support for all phases of design verification.

Product Design Features

Customizable, scalable, and sophisticated designs are our forte. Working with your requirements and specifications, we can provide the 3D model, 2D prints, RoHS documents, and costed bill of materials for your organization to review.
Multiple CADs
Using a variety of professional engineering design software, we can to seamlessly fit into your R&D team’s process and communicate in the appropriate format.
We provide OEM, ODM, and JDM support for all designs and products. We promise full and transparent communications of design intent and feasibility with superior service and no hassle negotiations. In addition, we follow strict NDA and confidentiality protocols.
We have full hardware design experience. Beyond just sheet-metal development, we can execute high-mix assemblies and develop fasteners, insulators, labels, plastic, rubber, CNC, and diecast.


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